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West Palm Beach Locksmith | Residential Locksmith Services

West Palm Beach Locksmith is a multi service locksmith company providing service to West Palm Beach residents and visitors. West Palm Beach Locksmith has dedicated ourselves since 1997 to offering multiple solutions to help the population secure their homes and property. We offer many options for you to chose from when securing you home. West Palm Beach Locksmith security professionals can arrange an appointment with you at your convince to analyze your specific needs to ascertain your specific security requirements.

West Palm Beach Locksmith in known for our ability to quickly change, repair, and install all types of door hardware, and accessories. We have professional locksmith technicians on call around the clock 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Our West Palm Beach Locksmith highly trained locksmiths are expert professionals specializing in finding many ways help keep your residence and property safe from harm.

The Following are just some of the specialized services and products we provide to the West Palm Beach community.

West Palm Beach Locksmith is able to help you with key replacement also known as re-key, re-keying Lock, cylinder change, tumbler change, or locks changed. Did you just move into a new or used home, apartment, or condo ? Many residents of West Palm Beach don’t know how many people have had access to the keys and may have had a duplicate made. Often times, Realtors, property appraisers, home inspectors, contractors, pest services, pool cleaners, maids, repairmen, neighbors and relatives may have had possession of the keys from time to time. West Palm Beach Locksmith recommends for the safety of you, and your loved ones to call us to have your locks re-keyed. That is, the actual locks will remain the same the hardware doesn’t change. We just change the pins inside so the old keys no longer operate the lock, but the new ones do, much less expensive but just as secure as getting new locks. This way people with the old key will no longer be able to enter your home at will.

Mortised Lock set

We carry finer Baldwin and Yale Handle sets, we repair or replace them as well.

Mortise type lock sets are a different type of lock that is inside or mortised into the door. It is cut in with only the bolt or latch area showing. Our West Palm Beach Locksmith has the specialized installation tools for this type of lock. Not many locksmith professionals do. The tool is very expensive and difficult to master, an opening must be cut inside the door itself approximately 4 inches deep and 7 inches high. A mistake will ruin your expensive door. These locks are common in the older areas of West Palm Beach and the island of Palm Beach itself. These expensive lock can become a expensive repair for their owners when they need service. As they become older they require lubrication and routine maintenance to remain operational. West Palm Beach Locksmith reminds you that an inexperienced locksmith could cost you hundreds if allowed to work on these locks. West Palm Beach Locksmith has experienced professional locksmith technicians to service these. Would you take your Rolex to the flea market for service ?

For more info on mortise lock repair or replacement call Our West Palm Beach Locksmith today.

Our West Palm Beach Locksmith Deadbolt services

When people refer to a deadbolt they are actually referring to the mechanism inside of the bolt part of the lock (the part the extends into the door frame). This bolt, once extended, is not held in place by a spring, and therefore cannot be pushed back by a credit card or similar device explains our head locksmith at West Palm Beach Locksmith. This is in comparison to a doorknob which works with a spring to extend the latch ( not bolt).

The bolt in a “dead bolt “ only extends into the door frame when a key is turned in the cylinder or a knob is turned from the inside. Our West Palm Beach Locksmith professional locksmith technicians are able to install the deadbolt correctly to make your home or condo more secure. West Palm Beach Locksmith has been called to numerous homes to open a door and found an incorrectly installed deadbolt that we could open with a knife or credit card. When installed incorrectly the bolt does not extend all the way, and therefore does not lock into a position that it cant be easily pushed back, so much effort to install it, but worthless if installed incorrectly. Our West Palm Beach Locksmith generally installs these on exterior doors, but some people choose to put these on roommate doors for added privacy. We can key these locks to an existing key, otherwise a new set of keys is provided free of charge.

Our West Palm Beach Locksmith Emergency Residential Services

Lock emergencies can make you upset, full of stress, and they are just plain inconvenient. Our West Palm Beach Locksmith professional locksmith technicians are here to help. Your home is your castle. Feeling unsafe can leave you feeling very frustrated. Most of the Emergencies we see in West Palm Beach consist of :

Home Lockouts

When you are locked out of a residence or condo it is immediately frightening and not very convenient. Our West Palm Beach Locksmith prides itself at being on site in thirty minutes or less to help. We pride ourselves on being able to get you into your residence quickly and easily without damage to your existing locks. After you are safe inside be sure to ask us for an extra key to hide or give to someone you trust, or to re-key your locks if the key was lost.

Residential house or condo break-ins

Imagine coming home and finding your front door bashed in, your lock drilled, or your lock in a pick open position. What a terrifying thought. But unfortunately it does happen in West Palm Beach often. West Palm Beach Locksmith is aware of what a nightmare this can be, and can relate to your feeling of being violated. Regardless of the hour, when a break-in happens West Palm Beach Locksmith is just around the corner. Our professionally trained locksmith technicians can assess the damage and advise you on the repair options available to you.

We can offer suggestions for increasing the security to prevent subsequent break-ins and restore your sense of safety and well-being.

Damage from House Fires

If you are placed in the undesirable condition of having your home damaged by fire, your locks may need to be replaced immediately. After your new doors have been installed be sure to call West Palm Beach Locksmith for your new lock installations. We can key all new locks to existing locks for a total solution, or key locks differently, it’s your choice. Our locksmith professionals can appraise the situation and explain any damage done by fire to your existing locks.

West Palm Beach Locksmith is the Locksmith for all your residential needs, call us today for around the clock service.