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West Palm Beach Auto Locksmith Services

Our West Palm Beach Locksmith Auto Service technicians are known as the go to guys for auto locksmith work in West Palm Beach Fl.  Our Locksmiths will work on your car with state of the art locksmith automobile equipment.  We know your vehicle is a valued asset and you want it treated as such.  We are aware it does not matter to you the year of your car, our professional locksmith technicians have worked on them before and are knowledgeable on the correct procedures for lock work on the vehicle. Our West Palm Beach Locksmith can arrive at your location and begin work in approximately 30 minutes.  We offer many affordable auto locksmith solutions.

Emergency mobile locksmith for lock repair, change locks, open car, replace lost keys, and lock
out service.
Our West Palm Beach Locksmith Auto Services are familiar with most makes and models of vehicles in West Palm Beach Fl

West Palm Beach Locksmith Automotive Services includes duplicating and reprogramming transponder keys.

Our West Palm Beach Locksmith Automotive service technicians are able to service most any make and model of car.  In West Palm Beach Florida, we know we can come up any find any type of vehicle sitting there with the keys locked inside, and we must be able to open it inexpensively and quickly.  Our West Palm Beach Locksmith professional service technicians are trained in all makes and models, and  we have coverage for you twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Many automobiles for nineteen ninety five and newer use some type of anti theft device.  The first type of these was the General Motors Vats keys.  These keys have a black chip halfway up the key.  This chip is actually a resister.  Just like in your TV or radio.  Just a plain resister. These resisters have 15 different values that resist voltage.  When the key is inserted in the ignition, two sensors measure the resistance and send this information to an on board computer.   If the resistance is the expected value, the computer will allow the car to start when the key is turned.   If the value is incorrect, or missing you can turn the key all you want buy the engine won’t start. Our West Palm Beach Locksmith skilled professional technicians first disassemble the ignition to make a mechanical key that turns.  After doing that we have a machine that will help us determine that vats value that will allow the car to start.  We must wait a minimum of 4 minutes before we attempt to try a different vats value.  So these cars can sometime take an hour or two to replace a lost key.   The moral of this story is get a spare key while you can.
Our Car locksmiths can replace lost high security transponder car keys, and remove broken keys from locks.
Emergency lockout opening services:
Car trunk opening
Broken key extraction
VAT key duplication
Unlocking of ignition

West Palm Beach Locksmith Auto Services

West Palm Beach Locksmith Automotive Services services transponder type car keys that work on a different principle.
Transponder keys work using radio frequency waves.  Very much like the tabs inserted in clothing that alerts store clerks if someone tries to walk out a store without the tab being deactivated.  After our West Palm Beach Locksmith professional locksmiths technicians remove the ignition cylinder to make a key to the car, we must then copy this key onto a transponder blank and then the fun begins.  After the key is in your ignition we must program the key or the computer in the car to accept each other.  This involves equipment costing thousands of dollars and much training.  The technology changes weekly and we have to keep up with all the latest software updates for our computers to interact with your vehicle.
Domestic: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, GM, Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Saturn, Geo.

Our West Palm Beach Locksmith Ignition Replacement and repair service

Damaged ignitions can be hazardous to your health.  If an automobile is running after the key is removed, the steering wheel is locked, it is possible the key no longer operates the ignition. Our West Palm Beach Locksmith can repair or replace your ignition faster and less expensively than your local car dealer.  Many times when you take your car there, they call us to come and fix it anyway.  If you should attempt to fix it on your own you risk your life and limb of you and your loved ones if you didn’t install it correctly, and your steering locks up while your on I95. Ignitions are more difficult than you think.  The experts at West Palm Beach Locksmith are specially educated in the workings of the ignition.  If the ignition  has a transponder antenna on it and you break it, that part is hundreds of dollars.  If you try and remove the steering wheel on some cars you might end up in the hospital because of a high tension spring holding the steering wheel on.  By calling West Palm Beach Locksmith you will be saving time, trouble, and money.
Our West Palm Beach Locksmith Automotive Services works  around the clock Emergency Automotive Locksmith Services
Asian: Acura, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Kia, Isuzu, Hyundai.
Are You Locked Out of Your automobile in West Palm Beach

This has happened to most of us.  Our West Palm Beach Locksmiths open cars every day.  It is not a convenient thing for you to be locked out of your car.  We try to make it as painless as possible.  Our West Palm Beach Locksmith automobile service professional locksmith technicians are specially trained and know how to open your car without damage to the doors or glass.  Don’t trust your car to just anyone.  We have the proper tools to open it without damage.  We get calls everyday to fix linkage that an inexperienced locksmith accidentally disconnected and the door no longer unlocks for inside or with a key.  We’ve even been called to remove broken tools left inside car doors by inexperienced locksmiths. We open cars all day for a living. Locking your keys inside your car can be fixed in minutes by West Palm Beach Locksmith, and affordable also.  Automobile car doors now contain airbags, and without the correct knowledge, these airbags can go off.  The police no longer wish to open cars because of the technological  advances in safety, and the liability that surrounds them.    Let  Our West Palm Beach Locksmiths open your automobile or truck without damage to your door, or lock, lr put or scratches on your vehicle. Vehicle lock systems are so advanced that an inexperienced locksmith may break your window, scratch your door or damage your lock!
West Palm Beach Locksmith, is the locksmith of choice since 1997, for your automotive locksmith need twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Daytime or nighttime we are there for you, we always a locksmith available to answer the phone.   Never an answering service or machine.
We offer Automotive service for the following manufacturers:

Chrysler motor products
Ford motor company

Be sure to call West Palm Beach Locksmith Auto Services when you are locked out or have lost your key