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Locksmith West Palm Beach

Locksmith West Palm Beach is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even holidays and weekends of course. We promise your call will never be forwarded to an impersonal answering machine or recording device. If you are forwarded to a call center be aware of a scam according to the New York Times.We are able to offer you locksmiths on the line when you call for advice or information. Our locksmith technicians are available 24 hours a day to offer friendly advice and answers. Our Locksmiths in Palm Beach County, serve all types of lock repairs for commercial, residential, car, auto locksmith, re-key, and lock outs in the Palm Beach Area.

Locksmith West Palm beach has locksmiths standing by to answer your calls

Palm Beach Locksmiths help with, residential, business, auto, car lockout , re-key , or break ins.

We have Auto, Home, and Commercial West Palm Beach County Locksmith Services including emergency lockouts (house, car or business), lock re-keying, installation and repair. We strive to get it right the first time, or make it right !!!

You can call Locksmith Palm Beach located in Central Palm Beach anytime around the clock!

Mission Statement

The mission of Locksmith West Palm Beach is to give the inhabitants and many visitors of West Palm Beach the highest standard of residential, commercial and automobile locksmith service at the most affordable prices, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Locksmith West Palm Beach Vision Statement:

West Palm Beach Locksmith will strive to maintain its reputation in the community of being the premier locksmith provider for all of Palm Beach County’s residents and visitors. We wish to remain the standard of Locksmith customer service by which other companies are judged. We will continue to offer 24 hour around the clock support to the West Palm Beach Fl. customer base.

Our talented Palm Beach Locksmiths remain dedicated to our community

Locksmith West Palm Beach service continues to be dedicated to the complete solution of our customers locksmith problems in the community. Our services in West Palm Beach will continue to use every possible means to ensure the complete satisfaction of our business, residential locksmith, and commercial customer by using all available strategies to safe guard there home and property. As always we will act in a professional manner.

We promise a quick response time to your West Palm Beach Fl residence, office, or car. We are usually there in twenty to thirty minutes or less, to respond to your locksmith problems. We will arrive with a friendly and knowledgeable, qualified, professional locksmith technician.

Locksmith West Palm Beach strives to get the work done right the first time. What good is a fast locksmith technician if the job is not done correctly? It’s a customer relations nightmare to have a locksmith come out to repair shoddy work, but that’s what we do when we are called to repair work others have done, or find not done correctly by other locksmiths.

Our Locksmith professional technicians in West Palm Beach will do the work with the highest level of workmanship possible at a fair price. If you are not satisfied our professional locksmith technicians will take your call and work with you for a mutual resolution. As we said in before, we are striving to remain the number one locksmith in the county.

Call us for your car lockouts!

Our locksmith team in West Palm Beach acknowledges that long term relationships with our customer are mutually beneficial. We realize this, and strive for your satisfaction and referrals to keep us in top place as far as locksmith services go in the community.

Call us for lost car keys!

We have Industrial Standard Parts and Supplies.

Our automotive locksmith division serves the needs of customers that have locked their keys in their car or need new keys originated. Our mobile locksmiths provide 24 hour emergency service to open car doors can create replacement keys if needed. Our locksmiths in West Palm Beach provide professional service around-the-clock for keys broken off in the locks, or emergency unlocking services. Whether you need your door unlocked, your trunk unlocked, or keys made for your entry door just call. We are experts on all types of high security keys and transponder keys. We have the tools to originate keys and copy keys regardless of the make and model.

Residential locksmith services in West Palm Beach are offered to you around the clock. Whether you just need a mail box lock, or your whole house re-keyed we can take care of it quickly and immediately if necessary. We are able Service all types of doors and locks. We offer different grades of locks to meet your needs with the right lock for the right door. Whether you need locks installed, locks replaced, or locks repaired, we offer you more choices than any other locksmith. As we said before, we pride ourselves in new lock installations. You can judge a locksmith company by the time and effort they put into their installations. We take our time and do it right the first time. We are not another cheap locksmith. We offer services at fair prices for quality work. Whether you’ve been a victim of a break in and need your doors and locks repaired, or a simple lock re-key, we’re there quickly. We can change your lock, or do a simple re-key in a few moments. We can originate most keys even if you have no existing key, not a lot of locksmiths know how to do this.

Locksmith West Palm Beach uses only highest quality parts

We use only the highest quality parts available today and attempt to give you access to them at the lowest possible price points. We offer Locksmith grade 1, 2, and 3 hardware to our customers, so you have a choice for you security needs. Whether you require dead bolts, door knobs, safes, key-less access, high security, Adams rite storefront door hardware, panic bars, or door closers, we install it all.

Locksmith West Palm Beach employs a wide range of specialized locksmith services.

We employ a wide range of specialized locksmith services for residential, commercial, automotive, and emergencies. As professional locksmiths we are experienced in master key systems and offer customer print outs on request of their master key systems. We supply doorknobs, deadbolts, re-key, mortise locks, lock repairs, and replacements as well as replacing lost car keys, ignition cylinders, and repairing them. We also handle car door repairs. Plus remember we are fully mobile for all these services, no need to drive to us for professional locksmith services. All our Professional locksmith services are affordable, and performed at your location, day or night, rain or shine, 24 hours a day. Please call us with any questions or concerns anytime.

West Palm Beach Locksmith service offers you the most professional reliable locksmith service in the area, at the most affordable prices. This is how we have become the industry leader in the West Palm Beach area.

When you’re in the market for a professional locksmith

Ask yourself about : reliably.

Ask yourself about : emergencies

Ask yourself about : affordability

Ask yourself about : speed of service

Ask yourself about : professionalism

Ask yourself about : training

Ask yourself about : knowledge-ability

That’s why Our Locksmith service is heads above the rest. Why not call the best?  . Home – Business – Automobile we have trained locksmith technician standing by for your call right now at Locksmith West Palm Beach.

Locksmith West Palm Beach only employs certified and highly trained locksmiths, untrained locksmiths posing as the real thing can cost you time and money. make sure your locksmith is accredited by a professional organization such as ALOA.

We custom install medico locks. The medico lock has many added security features, medico prides themselves on high-security locks. The medico key cannot be duplicated unless you have the proper identification and card. No locksmith will duplicate this key without the correct card. Another added feature of the medico lock is being pick resistant. This lock employs a sidebar so that it cannot be bumped. The sidebar means you must have the key that has the proper groove on the side to even fit into the lock. This groove and sidebar technique keeps the lock cylinder from turning. Not only does the medico lock have the sidebar, it also has angled pins. These pins have a different angles on them. Not only does the pin have to be the correct length, it also has to have the correct angle. Most locks have five pins. These pins have to be the proper length to match the key you’re inserting. With the proper length pins the cylinder can turn because of the shear line. A shear line is the space between the top and bottom pins. These pins must be in line for the cylinder to turn. As described above the medico lock uses angled pins, sidebars, keys that cannot be duplicated and is a hardened steel lock that takes us over an hour to drill open. As compared to many kwikset locks that can be opened and drilled in less than 3 min. the medico lock also has ball bearings inserted where the bolts extend into the lock. When someone attempts to drill a medico lock to hit the bolt and gain entrance by drilling the ball out, they are met with a spinning ball bearing. This makes it almost impossible to drill out the bolts. We usually have to use some type of angle grinder to cut into the steel casing. This takes a very long time, more time than a thief wants to spend trying to get into your house. This medico lock is one of the highest security locks one can purchase. And you can get it from us, SEE OUR PRIVACY POLICY

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